Whichever: [ adjective] being whatever one or ones out of a group : no matter which. looking for sentences and phrases with the word whichever? kids definition of whichever. what is the meaning of whichever? i do not include socrates, who is able either to. whatever one or ones. english language learners definition of whichever.

used to emphasize a lack of restriction in selecting one of a definite set of alternatives: " choose whichever brand you prefer" ▪ regardless of which: " they were in a position to intercept him whichever way he ran". do thou harness whichever i fling thee, and betweenwhiles protect the team. : being whatever one or ones : no matter which take whichever book you want. any one from a limited set:.

define whichever. find more similar words at wordhippo. whichever definition: 1. you can use it to say that it does not matter which of a range of alternatives happens or is chosen. it is not important which: 3.

it is used in two different ways. whichever synonyms, whichever pronunciation, whichever translation, english dictionary definition of whichever. whichever whichever can be a determiner or a pronoun. here are some examples. synonyms for whichever include any, either, whatever, any old, whatsoever, any one, no matter which, never mind which, such and whichever comes to hand.

more definitions, origin and scrabble points. this spring or soakage, whichever it may be, is in black sand, though the sand outside the little basin is yellowish white. is whichever a determiner or pronoun? powered by oxford dictionaries.

any one from a limited set: 2. the phrase of whichever whichever is used instead of whosever exactly as of which is used instead of whose. : whatever one or ones buy the sweater or the coat, whichever you like better. scrabble points: 23.

being any one or any number of a group: read whichever books you please. what are some sentences and phrases with the word whichever?

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